A city for the promotion of science and innovation

The project Castellammare del Golfo science city hub originates upon signature of a memorandum of understanding between the Italian non-profit research organization ISOPROG (www.isoprog.org) and the municipal government of Castellammare del Golfo (in the Trapani province in Sicily) and related formal deliberation act dated October 1st 2019. The project goal is the valorization of the historical asset of the city its embedded touristic and naturalistic district in order to host, aggregate, and facilitate initiatives and projects aiming at the advancement of science and innovation at the international level.

The touristic-experiencing vocation and the hospitality capabilities of the city and its immediate surroundings offer an optimal site for high level scientific conferencing venues and activities towards the institution of a dedicated technical-scientific district where to host and boost synergies among institutions, research organizations, scientific incubators, researchers and the innovation entrepreneurial sector through the activities and the interaction opportunities pursued by the project.

The Castellammare del Golfo science city hub stands therefore as a novel driver for the promotion and development of the territory. Nonetheless, it goes beyond by aiming at becoming a virtuous subject partnering within the regional networks for the valorization of thematic historic- and scenery routes and the discovery and experiencing of the Mediterranean lifestyle which the Sicilian island has embodied with its traditions and products since the last thousand years. 

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